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Malmö, Sweden
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  • Description :Background 
    We need to be able to provide fast and easy customer support to each individual customer and coworker. To achieve this, the intelligence team is one of the key teams to provide data, analytical and reporting insight to what to build, what changes and projections our products and markets are in need for.The scope of the consultant services is to assist XXX in:

    The Scope of the consultant will be to work on two high prioritized projects. Where we aim to develop a back end and front end for an access management tool for our co-workers. The access management system will be used to manage and monitor user access permissions and access rights to files, systems, and services to help protect our organization from data loss and security breaches. The second objective is to build a real-time dashboard visualizing data and insight for all our Callcenters. With a gamification design to make the data more intuitive and enable users to engage furthermore. This is a strategy for us to convert CSC to become more sales focused by highlighting data and make it even more accessible.


  • Requirements:Desired knowledge, experience, competence, skills etc The desired knowledge is mainly within the following technical stack FrontEnd – VueJS BackEnd – Express (NodeJS) Database – PostgreSQL Microsoft SSO Integration Experience in GCP and setting up monitoring as well 


    What 3 things are most important?

    – FrontEnd – VueJS

    – BackEnd – Express (NodeJS)

    – Database – PostgreSQL  Microsoft SSO Integration

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