Fullstack / Backend PHP Engineer- Stockholm, Sweden

Full time
Stockholm, Sweden
Posted 7 months ago
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Phalcon, Memcached, Proftpd, EC2, Contentful, Javascript.

Hybrid remote and on-site setup (1 day a week at the office if the restrictions allow it).


About the Team
This project team will have four people in a scrum team initially and currently need a Senior Fullstack or Backend PHP Engineering. The team will have two Front End and two Back End. The backend application is written in PHP and is a relatively small application.

The front end does not exist at all and will thus need to be built from scratch, something that this consultant should like doing if he/she is full-stack.

Despite a small team, this team will be part of a larger department where another 22 people make up three other scrum teams, so there are plenty of colleagues, including three tech leads.
Assignment description
Due to the project being in an early stage and not public this information can only be shared
in a potential interview.
Our expectation of this consultant is a proactive person who likes to drive progress, likes to work towards deadlines, and has an open mindset about challenges.
Soft Values
We would like a social person

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