DevOps Engineer- Malmö, Sweden

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Malmö, Remote, Sweden
Posted 3 weeks ago
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  • Background
    We’re building a new global sales order management system responsible for creating, modifying, and processing omnichannel sales orders in a team called Sales Order Processing. The team owns the full stack and continuously iterates through the steps of design, build, test, deploy, visualize, operate (on-call), learn, and improve.
    The solution is written in Kotlin (Spring boot) as microservices using event sourcing with Axon Framework and Axon Server, and deployed in GCP. Since the product area of responsibility is processing the sales orders the solution is headless (no UI) and needs to collaborate closely with consumers and upstream solutions to enable the co-worker and customer-facing solutions.
    The scope of the consultant services is,
  • Software engineering tasks like designing, testing, coding, building, deploying, operating, and improving.
    Desired knowledge, experience, competence, skills, etc.
  • A proven DevOps mindset experience with GCP, Kotlin, Java, event sourcing, event-driven architecture, monitoring, and visualization taking and giving responsibility is a key value for our client.
    Work location
    The consultant can work 100% remotely from any country, more preferred from Europe.
  • Requirements: What 3 things from the box above are most important?
  •  Event sourcing
  • Kotlin
  • DevOps mindset

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