Agreement to Personal Data Processing

By submitting your CV to us and any additional Personal Data about you, you have actively consented to Cubane Solutions processing your Personal Data and assessing you as a possible candidate in one of our recruiting assignments that we manage on behalf of a client or potential client. Your active consent does not only apply to a specific recruiting assignment but also applies to us recording and storing your Personal Data in our candidate database and to us assessing your candidacy in other up-coming recruiting assignments as well.

In addition to being processed by Cubane Solutions professionals, your Personal Data may be shared with our customers and be processed by our IT suppliers/Sub- Processors that manage our database. We will enter into Data Processing Agreements with our Sub-Processors thus securing that their processing of your Personal Data will follow GDPR requirements. You also actively consent to us sharing your Personal Data with other companies within the Cubane Solutions. if we assess that your profile is interesting for recruitment assignments and/or leadership service performed at Cubane Solutions.

You can at any point in time inform us that you would like to withdraw your active consent for Cubane processing of your Personal Data, partly or in full. You do this by e-mailing us on: Once we have received your withdrawal of your active consent, we will erase your Personal Data in accordance to your specification.

Your Personal Data will remain in our database until you have revoked your active consent or until the purpose for our processing of your Personal Data has ceased. Furthermore, we will continually erase Personal Data which becomes obsolete or irrelevant for up-coming recruiting processes.

More information about GDPR can be found on Datainspektionens website: